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30.06.2014 10:05 Strange News
A three-course lunch hosted by an eccentric Chinese millionaire for 250 homeless New Yorkers in a posh restaurant degenerated into fury Wednesday when guests were denied $300 cash handouts.
24.06.2014 10:47 Crime
A 34-year-old homeless man was arrested after allegedly crashing a stolen 1930 Model "A" Ford car into a river in the US state of Oregon, police said.
30.04.2014 11:53 Politics
Police in Brazil cracked down with tear gas on about 1,000 homeless demonstrators in Sao Paulo who were hurling rocks, authorities said, with World Cup action here looming.
16.03.2014 11:43 Crime
A co-founder of the Pinkberry US frozen yogurt chain was jailed for seven years Friday for using a tire iron to attack a homeless man begging for money.
30.11.2013 14:51 Crime
A suspected cannibal who killed a 90-year-old man in southern France apparently to eat his heart and tongue was a former soldier who served in Afghanistan, an army source said on Monday.
07.11.2013 15:44 Politics
The far-right Sweden Democrats party on Wednesday proposed forbidding foreigners from begging in the country under penalty of jail time or expulsion.
02.11.2013 10:05 People
McDonald's Japan issued an apology Friday after it was revealed one of its outlets had posted a notice banning homeless people for more than a year.
23.08.2013 10:10 People
An estimated 600,000 people in the Philippines remained at temporary shelters or with relatives on Friday after days of heavy rain that killed 20.
05.06.2013 12:40 People
Homelessness in Australia has surged 17 percent since 2006 mainly due to a spike in migrant numbers, though fewer people are sleeping rough on the streets.
25.12.2012 13:18 People
A homeless man featured in a mock video produced by a friend of Justin Timberlake for the actor's wedding is now asking the actor-singer for help.
21.12.2012 12:11 People
Hunger and homelessness are on the rise in the United States, and cash-strapped cities and social services are being forced to turn needy people away empty-handed.
06.12.2012 15:54 Disasters
Nearly 200,000 people were homeless and 475 confirmed dead after the Philippines' worst typhoon this year, officials said Thursday, as the government appealed for international help.
29.10.2012 14:09 Unrest
Homeless people fled to packed camps or clustered near their charred houses in western Myanmar on Sunday, amid ongoing unrest that the UN said displaced 26,500 from mainly Muslim communities.
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