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24.08.2012 16:57 Sport
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev told a funny story about weightlifter Ilya Ilyin and doubted cyclist Vinokourov’s intention to retire.
17.08.2012 11:51 Politics
British media still has not apologized to Aleksandre Vinokourov for calling him a “Nowhere Man” after his victory in the race at the London Olympics.
03.08.2012 16:42 Sport
Nursultan Nazarbayev received a letter from a French citizen.
02.08.2012 19:43 Sport
The stunning victory of Aleksandre Vinokourov at London Olympics-2012 caused a heated discussion in British and international tabloids as well as among Internet users.
24.09.2011 16:22 Sport
Kazakhstan cyclist Aleksandr Vinokourov will continue representing Astana cycling team both as a cyclist and a manager.
02.08.2011 16:19 Sport
He was part of the team in 2007, but was disqualified for doping for two years.
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