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08.09.2014 09:59 Politics
Tibet's exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama criticised Russia's President Vladimir Putin as "self-centred" in a German newspaper interview.
16.07.2014 18:29 People
Lal Jose and his friends will drive across two continents, crossing 27 countries, including Kazakhstan, and covering 24,000 kilometers in 75 days with a message of good will.
05.06.2014 14:14 Politics
The Dalai Lama has called for democracy in China and offered prayers for victims of the Tiananmen crackdown ahead of the launch Thursday of a new campaign for autonomy in his Tibetan homeland.
16.04.2014 14:16 Unrest
A Tibetan man in China burned himself to death on Tuesday, overseas media and a rights group reported, the latest in a string of self-immolation protests in recent years.
18.03.2014 10:16 Unrest
Two Tibetan monks in China have set themselves on fire to protest at a 2008 crackdown, overseas groups and reports said, adding to a string of self-immolation protests in recent years.
12.12.2013 15:36 Religion
First it was the doctors, then came the reporters, now a group of religious men in Japan have formed Monks Without Borders.
06.12.2013 15:15 People
The Dalai Lama said Friday he would miss his "dear friend" Nelson Mandela, who he hailed as "a man of courage, principle and unquestionable integrity" in a letter sent to the South African icon's family.
12.11.2013 17:56 Unrest
A Tibetan monk has set himself on fire in an act of protest in China, reports and campaign groups said Tuesday, as top Communist Party leaders hold a key gathering.
12.10.2013 10:51 Politics
Mexico leader Enrique Pena Nieto has no plans to meet the Dalai Lama when the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader begins a tour of the country on Friday.
09.10.2013 12:36 Unrest
Chinese police opened fire on a group of protesters in Tibet, injuring 60, overseas rights organisations said Wednesday, in the latest flare-up over the authorities' tight control of the region.
13.08.2013 18:36 Internet
Hackers have attacked the Tibetan government-in-exile's Chinese-language website with an unidentified virus, making the portal inaccessible.
02.07.2013 15:29 Industry, Infrastructure
The controversial renovation of the historic area around a key monastery in the Tibetan capital has been completed.
28.06.2013 18:52 People
More than two million Tibetans in China have been forced to change homes or relocate in a government-sponsored programme that is damaging their traditional culture and rural lifestyle.
29.03.2013 10:56 Politics
An envoy of the Dalai Lama said Wednesday that Tibetans would likely end a wave of self-immolation protests if China reopened dialogue with the exiled spiritual leader to address grievances.
21.02.2013 12:00 Unrest
Two Tibetan teenagers died after they set fire to themselves in protest at Chinese rule, reports and Western rights groups said, in a rare instance of a double self-immolation in the restive region.
17.12.2012 17:03 Cinema, Music
The documentary called 108 hours shows the first Kazakhstan expedition’s journey to the Antarctic.
12.11.2012 10:59 Religion
Chinese government is not "seriously" probing the cause of a spate of self-immolations by Tibetans across China, the Dalai Lama said Monday.
09.11.2012 14:32 Religion
China is ramping up security in Tibetan areas after a spate of self-immolation protests just as Beijing holds a key political gathering.
02.11.2012 14:43 People
As he grins serenely and his burgundy robes billow in the fresh Himalayan wind, it is not difficult to see why scientists declared Matthieu Ricard the happiest man they had ever tested.
28.08.2012 19:03 People
Two Tibetan men have died after setting fire to themselves in China, a US broadcaster and two overseas pressure groups said Tuesday, taking the number of such protests to more than 50 since 2009.
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