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Movie about Kazakhstan expedition to South Pole presented in Almaty 17 декабря 2012, 17:03

The documentary called 108 hours shows the first Kazakhstan expedition’s journey to the Antarctic.
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A presentation of the documentary about Kazakhstan expedition to the South Pole has been made in Almaty, Tengrinews.kz reports. The documentary called 108 hours was released in 5000 copies. It shows the first Kazakhstan expedition’s journey to the Antarctic. The title of the film comes from the duration of journey from Novo airfield that is situated at the shore of the continent to the South Pole. The money collected from the film will used to fund Kazakhstan Geographic Society’s programs. Every buyer of the DVD will get a flyer. By filling it in he or she will get chance to take part in the next expedition of Kazakhstan Geographic Society to Tibet. Nurlan Abduov, chairman of Kazakhstan Geographic Society’s presidium, said that the goal of the expedition is to find traces and origins of Kazakh culture in Tibet. The Society will choose at least five volunteers. Selection criteria of the candidates are medical background, cooking skills, technical and scientific knowledge. The new expedition will also be followed by a documentary filmed by the Society. Nurlan Abduov, leader of the Antarctic expedition, said that Kazakhstan travelers covered more than 4600 kilometers along Novolazarevskaya Station – South Pole – Novolazarevskaya Station route. The explorers took samples of snow and ice, measured radiation background and checked air composition. Kazakhstan Geographic Society made an analyses of the samples and these samples became the first national scientific materials for further research. Earlier Tengrinews.kz reported that Kazakhstan was considering establishment of its own station in the Antarctic.

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