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25.05.2016 16:41 Politics
Popescu-Tariceanu is accused of making "declarations not in line with reality" concerning his links with several Romanian and Israeli businessmen who have already been charged, thus "hindering the course of justice".
10.09.2015 17:50 Laws, Initiatives
Introduction of across-the-board income and property reporting has been postponed till 2020 in Kazakhstan.
05.06.2015 02:00 Markets
Chairman of Kazakhstan Council of Foreign Investors Ulf Wokurka offers recommendations to the Kazakhstan Government on visa regime, taxes, decriminalisation of tax and economic offences, education and attraction of investments.
26.11.2014 10:18 Politics
The Czech Republic could become visa free for Kazakhstan
06.09.2013 01:05 Finance
Kazakhstan mulls lowering corporate income tax from 20 to 15 percent in 2014.
18.07.2013 18:37 Finance
The average budget income per one Almaty citizen has made 730 thousand tenge ($4,900) in 2013.
18.06.2013 16:45 Politics
The double taxation treaty will enable the companies working in both Kazakhstan and Slovenia to avoid double taxation: Kazakhstan Minister.
21.05.2013 16:17 Crime
Atyrau Oblast Financial Police Department has initiated a criminal case against an accountant of KMG Kashagan B.V.
25.02.2013 15:14 Finance
Almaty bolstered its position as the country’s financial center: Almaty Akim.
13.02.2013 16:13 Finance
Kazakhstan Finance Minister talked about its plans to introduce the general declaration of incomes in Kazakhstan.
06.02.2013 15:03 Markets
Starting from 2014 the excise on tobacco will make 3,000 tenge ($20) per 1,000 cigarettes or 60 tenge ($0.4) per a pack.
05.02.2013 20:42 Finance
A Profit Rating of Kazakhstan's regions was made based on budget expenditures per capita and tax deductions per one employed citizen.
04.01.2013 10:25 Laws, Initiatives
Amendments to Kazakhstan law on payments and transfers came into effect on January 1.
27.10.2012 11:13 Crime
Italy's former prime minister and media tycoon Silvio Berlusconi was briefly sentenced to four years in prison for tax fraud connected to his Mediaset empire Friday.
25.10.2012 18:24 Finance
Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan defended the government's mining profits tax Thursday after reports that no revenue had collected in the first quarter due to China-driven cooling in the sector.
24.10.2012 11:58 Finance
Kazakhstan FInance Minister talked about financial results of 9 months of 2012.
23.10.2012 18:28 Laws, Initiatives
The deputy was outraged at the new draft law on taxation presented in the lower chamber of Kazakhstan Parliament.
27.09.2012 13:53 Finance
France will present its 2013 budget Friday with President Francois Hollande's credibility on the line as he seeks to rein in public finances and reassure financial markets without stirring public anger.
27.09.2012 11:27 People
Chinese artist Ai Weiwei said a Beijing court on Thursday rejected an appeal by the internationally acclaimed artist against a $2.4 million fine for tax evasion that he calls politically motivated.
10.09.2012 18:01 Politics
President Barack Obama mocked Mitt Romney's "two plus one equals five" economics Sunday, poking his Republican foe as he enjoyed a polling spurt after the Democratic convention.
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