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25.09.2015 14:55 Sport
Japan's sports minister said he had tendered his resignation over abandoned plans for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics's main stadium.
19.09.2014 15:13 Entertainment, Style
The Asian Games is just starting in Incheon, but the prospect of empty stadiums is already making the continent's biggest sporting event feel unloved.
21.07.2014 14:10 Strange News
Philippine President Benigno Aquino presided over the opening on Monday of what is billed as the world's largest indoor stadium, erected by a politically-influential religious sect.
30.05.2014 10:46 Industry, Infrastructure
Football legend Ronaldo, a member of Brazil's World Cup organizing committee, said Thursday that only 30 percent of the infrastructure projects undertaken for the tournament would be completed.
27.05.2014 00:27 Sport
Singapore has postponed a highly anticipated football match against arch-rivals Malaysia over concerns that its state-of-the-art new sports complex is not ready to host the fixture.
21.05.2014 19:14 Sport
David Beckham's hopes of seeing his new Miami football team play at a prime spot at the port of Miami were Tuesday all but blown out of the water in a major setback for the former Manchester United idol.
20.05.2014 10:13 Sport
The still-unfinished stadium hosting the World Cup opening game on June 12 held its first official match Sunday, getting off to a shaky start after delays and deadly accidents marred its construction.
20.04.2014 14:15 Sport
The mayor of Miami on Friday defended David Beckham's plans to build a state-of-the-art stadium on the city's waterfront, rejecting criticism of the project by a coalition of business groups.
27.02.2014 18:26 Sport
Singapore's state-of-the-art new National Stadium will host international football and an Asia-Pacific Super rugby team after it opens as part of the billion-dollar Sports Hub project in June.
22.10.2012 13:04 Industry, Infrastructure
Supermarkets, medical center, swimming pool, cinema theater and hotels will be part of the Athletes’ Village in Almaty.
20.08.2012 11:18 Auto
The stadium near Almaty was used in the last 4 years to host sport events including the drag-racing and drift tournaments.
14.10.2011 12:14 Sport
Almaty Central Stadium race track is acknowledged to be the best Central Asian track.
26.04.2011 18:47 Sport
Euro 2012 qualifying match between Kazakhstan and Austria national teams to be held on October 11, 2011 in Almaty.