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Boralday Motorplex stadium closed in Almaty 20 августа 2012, 11:18

The stadium near Almaty was used in the last 4 years to host sport events including the drag-racing and drift tournaments.
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Photo by Yevgeniy Seleznev© Photo by Yevgeniy Seleznev©
Boralday Motorplex stadium has been closed in Almaty. The stadium was used in the last 4 years to host sport events including the drag-racing and drift tournaments, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Motorplex.kz. The owner of Boralday airfield, Altair Air company, terminated the rental agreement with Motorplex.kz. According to Motorplex the company explained the step by a letter from Kazakhstan Civil Aviation Commission demanding to cease the use of Boralday airfield for hosting of all types of car trainings and tournaments. “The administration of Motorplex is concerned over the fact that amid the lack of any alternative site (for training and tournaments) a huge number of sport cars will flood the city streets. They have called all the pilots and car owners to understandably treat the current situation and not to organized illegal races,” the website writes. Meanwhile, according to Director of Motorplex.kz Dmitriy Fedosov, termination of the agreement is not related to the death of the racer Andrey Kylemzin in June 2012. The pilot lost control of his car during the initial stage of Kazakhstan drag-racing championship held at Boralday Motorplex. “No, it is not related, as the investigation is over. The ruling has come into effect and as far as I know it is qualified as the accident. The reasons for termination are different,” Fedossov said. The organizers of the sport tournaments have promise to find a way to arrange the two remaining stages of Kazakhstan drag-racing championship. “We are currently in negotiations and in the process of getting the permits for holding the championship in Karaganda or in Ust-Kamenogorsk, while the final stage is to be held in Almaty. Unfortunately, we currently have no other safe places for training and Friday races,” the website states.

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