Pope Benedict XVI

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04.03.2013 13:25 Religion
Catholic cardinals begin talks on Monday ahead of a conclave to elect the next pope, following Benedict XVI's historic resignation, as a British cardinal not in attendance admitted to sexual misconduct with priests.
02.03.2013 17:22 Religion
Cardinals from around the world were summoned Friday to meetings that will set a date for a conclave to elect a new pope, as Benedict XVI settled into a pensioner's life after becoming the first pontiff to resign in more than 700 years.
27.02.2013 16:08 Religion
Pope Benedict XVI will hold the last audience of his pontificate in St Peter's Square on Wednesday on the eve of his historic resignation as leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics.
26.02.2013 13:03 Religion
Benedict XVI's legacy in Latin America, the world's most Catholic region, is marked by a victory of conservative theology and the demise of home-grown leftist religious thought.
22.02.2013 14:40 Religion
Pope Benedict XVI's final Sunday prayers in St Peter's Square will signal the start of a week in the Vatican that will make history with the first voluntary papal resignation in more than 700 years.
20.02.2013 10:42 Religion
Activists fighting for truth and justice for victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests hold out little hope for progress under the next pope as controversy brews over a US cardinal who covered up for predator clerics.
14.02.2013 16:26 Religion
Pope Benedict XVI will address a group of parish priests from Rome, a day after emotional scenes at his final papal mass in public in St Peter's Basilica.
13.02.2013 15:57 Religion
Senior Muslim clerics in Egypt believe Pope Benedict XVI's abrupt resignation could reopen the way for dialogue with the Catholic Church, severed after Benedict's controversial 2006 remarks on the Muslim prophet.
12.02.2013 15:45 Religion
Pope Benedict XVI, who has announced he will resign on February 28, will retire to a monastery tucked away inside the historic walls of the Holy See: so once the new pope is elected.
12.02.2013 12:22 People
The world's media Tuesday speculated on whether the next pontiff may come from the developing world, while paying mixed tributes to Pope Benedict XVI following his shock resignation announcement.
11.02.2013 19:16 Religion
Pope Benedict XVI announced he will resign as leader of the world's 1.1 billion Catholics on February 28 because his age prevented him from carrying out his duties -- an unprecedented move in the modern history of the Catholic Church.
04.02.2013 19:44 Politics
Kazakhstan Senate speaker and head of the secretariat of the Congress of the Leaders of World and Traditional Religions will render a visit to Vatican on February 5-7.
29.12.2012 15:23 Religion
Pope Benedict XVI has galvanised Catholics at the close of 2012 to go on the offensive over key faith issues, forging new alliances and fighting secularism in the West with a media campaign.
12.12.2012 15:33 Internet
Pope Benedict XVI is due to send out his first, much-anticipated Twitter message on Wednesday, with hundreds of thousands of followers already signed up to receive the tweet.
04.12.2012 14:34 Internet
Pope Benedict XVI will join Twitter from December 12, with regular tweets in eight languages from the account @pontifex just in time for Christmas.
20.10.2012 12:21 Religion
Pope Benedict XVI will name seven new saints on Sunday including the first Native American, marking the start of a "Year of Faith" aimed at countering the rising tide of secularism in the West.
04.10.2012 17:25 Religion
Catholic bishops from around the world are convening for a synod starting on Sunday to debate how to counter rising secularism on the 50th anniversary of the historic but controversial Second Vatican Council.
03.10.2012 10:00 Politics
The "Vatileaks" scandal that has led to the trial of Pope Benedict XVI's butler for theft involves hundreds of letters that passed across the pope's desk over several months in 2011 and early 2012.
29.09.2012 15:53 Crime
Pope Benedict XVI's former butler Paolo Gabriele went on trial on Saturday for leaking confidential Vatican memos that revealed cloak-and-dagger politics among the pope's closest aides.
28.09.2012 15:17 Crime
The trial of Pope Benedict XVI's former butler and a Vatican computer technician for leaking secret papers starting on Saturday has no precedent since the Holy See became a sovereign state in 1929.
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