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15.08.2016 16:28 Entertainment, Style
A dozen young men and women stand before a rock face on the outskirts of Islamabad, they take turns climbing up the limestone.
27.06.2016 15:24 Politics
India and Pakistan inched closer Friday to joining a regional security and economic bloc led by Russia and China.
12.05.2016 15:06 Art, Books
With her arms stretched out and her hands elegantly curved, the young dancer stamps her feet with aplomb, defying prejudice.
10.02.2016 18:41 Laws, Initiatives
Pakistan asks Britain's Queen Elizabeth II to return the Koh-i-Noor diamond more than 150 years after it was taken from Lahore.
10.11.2015 17:27 Emergencies
A rescue operation to pull people from the rubble of a collapsed Pakistani factory ended after nearly a week, with the death toll at 45 and more than 100 survivors plucked from the debris.
06.11.2015 15:51 Emergencies
Rescue crews resumed digging through the rubble of a collapsed factory in Pakistan as officials said they expected to find at least two dozen more bodies, with the death toll standing at 23.
05.11.2015 14:27 Emergencies
At least 18 people were killed and 51 injured when the roof of a factory collapsed near the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore, officials said, with around a hundred more still trapped.
28.10.2015 12:00 Emergencies
Desperate survivors appealed for food and blankets after a devastating earthquake killed more than 360 people in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
24.10.2015 10:55 Politics
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif urged the United States to take Pakistan's side in its long-standing dispute with rival nuclear power India or run the risk of escalating conflict.
20.10.2015 12:31 Disasters
At least 11 people were killed and many more wounded when a powerful bomb ripped through a passenger bus in Pakistan's southwestern Baluchistan province.
19.10.2015 15:18 Entertainment, Style
The hems of his jeans rolled, Rehmat Ali climbs barefoot up a tree to pick the grapes dangling from climbing vines, defying hostile religious injunctions against alcohol to celebrate a wine-making tradition.
13.10.2015 15:06 Disasters
Thirteen people including seven children were crushed to death in Karachi Tuesday when a rare landslide struck their thatch huts as they slept.
22.09.2015 12:34 Unrest
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani condemned last week's deadly attack on a Pakistani air force base and said Afghanistan will never allow its land to be used against Pakistan.
19.09.2015 15:53 Unrest
Twenty-two suspects have been detained in connection with a deadly attack on a Pakistan air force base claimed by the Taliban.
11.09.2015 14:39 Entertainment, Style
Karachi, Pakistan's biggest and most diverse city, was once home to a famous nightclub scene where alcohol flowed freely and luminaries from the world of jazz played to packed crowds eager for a taste of Western culture.
10.09.2015 16:04 Crime
The lawyer for a Pakistani doctor who was jailed after helping the CIA find Osama bin Laden accused the government of deliberately delaying his appeal after the case was adjourned for the sixteenth time.
09.09.2015 16:05 Laws, Initiatives
Pakistan's Supreme Court has ordered the government to implement Urdu as the country's official language, replacing English in all communications.
07.09.2015 12:34 Politics
Pakistan marked the 50th anniversary of its second war with arch-rival India, weeks after the two nuclear powers faced off in some of their deadliest skirmishes for over a decade.
26.08.2015 13:47 Unrest
India and Pakistan aborted rare talks on their festering conflict in Kashmir this weekend under a cloud of recriminations.
20.08.2015 18:07 Finance
Kazakhstan has been put on the map of the world's riskiest sovereign debt by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Really?
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