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15.10.2014 11:09 People
Nelson Mandela's ex-wife Winnie Madikizela Mandela Tuesday filed court papers challenging the late statesman's will.
18.07.2014 11:18 People
People around the world will celebrate "Mandela Day" Friday for the first time since the iconic South African leader's death by doing good deeds on what would have been his 96th birthday.
28.04.2014 14:50 Politics
President Jacob Zuma led celebrations Sunday on the 20th anniversary of post-apartheid democracy in South Africa, insisting it is closer to its dream of a multi-racial nation despite stubborn inequality, poverty and corruption.
04.04.2014 11:25 Politics
Scandal-plagued Toronto mayor Rob Ford voted against naming a street in honor of Nelson Mandela on Wednesday before later claiming he had cast his ballot in error.
13.02.2014 10:25 Cinema, Music
Irish rock veterans U2 will play their Oscar-nominated song "Ordinary Love" from the movie "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" at this year's Academy Awards.
27.12.2013 10:49 Politics
In South Africa, right-wing prophesies that Nelson Mandela's death will be followed by a racial apocalypse refuse to be quashed by events.
19.12.2013 15:36 People
Nelson Mandela's ex-wife Winnie denied Wednesday there was a dynastic battle within his extensive family, amid reports of a renewed feud shortly after the peace icon's death.
19.12.2013 12:55 Internet
Nelson Mandela topped Google's list of the hottest searches for 2013 as the Internet giant on Tuesday provided a look at the "spirit of the times" online.
13.12.2013 14:52 People
The South African government admitted Thursday it made a "mistake" in choosing a sign language interpreter for Nelson Mandela's memorial who was later exposed as a fake by experts, and who claimed to be schizophrenic.
11.12.2013 14:15 People
Nelson Mandela's funeral cortege has begun its solemn journey to the seat of South African government in Pretoria, where it will lie in state for three days.
11.12.2013 13:17 Politics
Kazakhstan's delegation is attending the farewell ceremony dedicated to Nelson Mandela.
10.12.2013 17:59 People
Thousands of Cambodian opposition supporters and activists, including Buddhist monks, took to the streets Tuesday to mark Human Rights Day and call for improvements in the kingdom's rights record.
09.12.2013 18:10 Politics
Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev has sent a telegram of condolences to South African President Jacob Zuma over Nelson Mandela's death.
09.12.2013 10:01 Politics
Presidents past and present, global figures and A-list celebrities made their way to South Africa on Monday to pay the world's respects at a memorial service and state funeral for freedom icon Nelson Mandela.
07.12.2013 11:57 Politics
Economists slapped down speculation that Nelson Mandela's death could prompt an economic and financial slump in South Africa, but warned the gains he inspired remain fragile.
06.12.2013 15:15 People
The Dalai Lama said Friday he would miss his "dear friend" Nelson Mandela, who he hailed as "a man of courage, principle and unquestionable integrity" in a letter sent to the South African icon's family.
06.12.2013 12:21 Politics
America's first black president Barack Obama Thursday mourned Nelson Mandela as a "profoundly good" man who "took history in his hands and bent the arc of the moral universe towards justice."
06.12.2013 10:31 People
Nelson Mandela, the icon of South Africa's anti-apartheid struggle and a colossus of 20th century politics, died late Thursday aged 95, prompting mass mourning and a global celebration of his astonishing life.
05.09.2013 18:12 Unrest
Large parts of Johannesburg -- including the suburb where Nelson Mandela is recuperating following his hospital release -- were without electricity.
02.09.2013 14:01 Politics
Nelson Mandela spent a first night back home after being discharged from hospital Sunday, but the South African government said the anti-apartheid hero remains critically ill and under intensive care.
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