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08.03.2016 23:59 Health
The EU postponed a decision to extend the approval of a key weedkiller for another 15 years amid an uproar that it may cause cancer.
27.11.2015 13:51 Politics
Senator Ahan Bizhanov has called Kazakhstan to forgo the use of genetically modified products.
12.07.2014 11:51 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed the importance of integrating modern technologies into the country’s agriculture.
07.02.2014 21:46 Science, Technologies
The Ministry of Agriculture is considering ways of introducing GMO in Kazakhstan.
17.01.2014 17:00 Politics
According to him, GM products are set to widely spread across the globe as the global demand for food is on the rise.
04.06.2013 14:57 Markets
The discovery of unauthorized genetically engineered wheat growing on a farm in the US state of Oregon has cast a spotlight on agricultural biotechnology and the debate about its safety.
29.10.2012 15:01 Health
The decree was signed by Kazakhstan’s chief sanitary doctor Zhandarbek Bekshin.
09.08.2012 12:33 Science, Technologies
The climate is changing amid the global warming. GMO may become a necessity in such conditions: expert.