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04.09.2015 11:33 Politics
Europe is facing an "unprecedented humanitarian and political crisis" as it struggles with the huge influx of refugees and migrants, the European Commission's vice-president Frans Timmermans said.
15.08.2015 12:47 Finance
Eurozone finance ministers approved Friday a third debt bailout worth up to 86 billion euros to keep Greece afloat and avoid its chaotic exit from the single currency bloc.
05.08.2015 11:05 Politics
The European Commission offered Tuesday to help France and Britain deal with the migrant crisis at the Channel Tunnel.
07.07.2015 14:07 Politics
European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker said he was against an exit by Greece from the euro, even though Greeks massively rejected bailout terms in a referendum this weekend.
29.06.2015 15:30 Politics
The president of the European Commission will make his latest proposals later to try to avoid a Greek default, adding that Athens was 'centimetres' away from a deal when discussions broke down.
07.05.2015 01:16 Politics
Nazarbayev received Jose Manuel Barroso in Astana and thanked him for his contribution into strengthening of cooperation between Kazakhstan and the European Union.
16.09.2014 18:45 Politics
EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy suggested in Ukraine expanding cooperation with the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
20.08.2014 18:52 Politics
José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, has supported Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev’s suggestion to hold a meeting of representatives of the Customs Union, Ukraine and the European Union in Minsk, Belarus.
20.08.2014 17:31 Politics
The talks will be focused on issues related to the Agreement on association between Ukraine and the European Union, energy security, stabilization of the situation in Donbass.
28.06.2014 13:25 Politics
Jean-Claude Juncker has been named as the next president of the European Commission with backing from most EU leaders, dealing a bitter blow to opponent David Cameron and threatening to increase the chances of Britain leaving the bloc.
06.06.2014 10:27 Politics
Western leaders said they stood united Thursday ahead of their first direct meetings with Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Ukraine, with President Barack Obama giving him a month to back down or face more sanctions.
26.05.2014 12:09 Politics
German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives came out ahead in European Parliament elections, official results showed Monday, but a neo-Nazi party also won a seat in Brussels, echoing far-right gains elsewhere.
14.04.2014 22:11 Companies
Air Astana left the European Commission’s "grey list" and can now increase the number of flights to the European Union countries.
26.02.2014 17:26 Politics
When asked to get Eurojust and Europol investigate Aliyev, Commissioner Malmstrom says that EU lacks legal framework to investigate cross-border money laundering cases.
15.02.2014 14:43 Environment
Farmers and hunters in Sweden are crying foul over a wolf hunt ban which they say threatens their way of life and may lead to civil disobedience.
29.01.2014 18:38 Politics
Claude Turmes, a member of the European Parliament, is concerned that inaction of European authorities on mounting serious accusations against Aliyev could undermine public confidence to EU justice.
24.01.2014 14:59 Politics
Soonest signing of the updated Agreement on extended partnership and cooperation between the two sides will give a new impetus to the mutually beneficial cooperation and lay foundations for a higher level of dialogue with the EU: President of the European Commission.
16.01.2014 15:28 Politics
The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has concluded that the Commission and the European External Action Service (EEAS) had developed a good plan of assistance to Central Asia, but was implementing it slowly.
14.11.2013 10:03 Finance
European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani said Wednesday the euro was overvalued and urged the zone's central bank to help exporters by weakening the single currency.
02.11.2013 12:52 People
Germany on Friday became the first European country to allow babies born with characteristics of both sexes to be registered as neither male nor female, but advocates urged further reforms.
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