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21.12.2015 12:12 Politics
Hungary accused Austria of confusing 'solidarity and stupidity' after Vienna said that nations which do not accept refugees under European Union quotas should face sanctions.
14.11.2015 17:38 Politics
Multiple "terror" attacks in Paris increased the pressure on some 20 countries and organisations meeting in Vienna on Saturday to overcome deep divisions and help end Syria's horrific civil war.
05.09.2015 12:44 Unrest
"According to the Hungarian government, there will be free buses to take you to the last town before the border," shouts a man urgently in Arabic through a megaphone.
01.09.2015 14:08 Disasters
Around 20,000 people took to the streets of Vienna on Monday to demonstrate against ill-treatment of migrants.
28.08.2015 17:01 Disasters
The bodies of more than 70 dead migrants have been recovered from an abandoned truck found on an Austrian motorway, more than the initial estimate of between 20 and 50.
27.07.2015 16:25 Crime
Vladimir Koshlyak and Alnur Musayev acquitted by jury in Austria of murdering two Kazakhstani bankers back in 2007.
24.06.2015 11:38 Politics
Austria will next week officially file a legal complaint in Brussels against state subsidies for Britain's planned new Hinkley Point nuclear power plant.
10.06.2015 17:19 Crime
Rakhat Aliyev's alleged accomplices in the murder of two bankers are taken back into custody in Austria.
21.05.2015 14:59 Politics
Behind the kitsch, glitz and smoke machines of the Eurovision Song Contest -- hosted by Vienna -- hide more serious international geopolitical tensions.
17.05.2015 12:10 Entertainment, Style
From actress Charlize Theron to French fashion icon Jean-Paul Gaultier, the Life Ball, one of the world's biggest AIDS charity events, drew scores of celebrities to Vienna.
02.05.2015 03:17 Crime
Two of Aliyev's accomplices in the trial into the double-murder of Kazakh bankers back in 2007, have been released in the courtroom over contradicting evidence.
12.04.2015 16:33 Crime
The case involving the deceased ex-ambassador of Kazakhstan to Austria Rakhat Aliyev promises to become more complicated.
09.04.2015 16:14 Internet
An Austrian law graduate spearheading a class action case against Facebook for alleged privacy breaches officially filed the suit in a Vienna court.
20.03.2015 17:17 Crime
A second autopsy of Rakhat Aliyev's body confirmed that the former Kazakhstan ambassador to Austria committed suicide.
03.03.2015 17:30 Unrest
A blood sample taken from the deceased ex-ambassador's body has been found to contain traces of narcotic substances.
26.02.2015 00:43 Crime
Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan has made an official statement on Rakhat Aliyev's death in Austrian prison.
24.02.2015 23:29 Crime
Rakhat Aliyev's death has been officially confirmed by the Ministry of Justice of Austria. New details of the death are emerging.
24.02.2015 20:22 Crime
Reports in the media suggest Kazakhstan's Rakhat Aliyev received death threats while awaiting trial in the Austrian prison of Josefstadt.
24.02.2015 18:05 Crime
Former son-in-law of Kazakshtan President Rakhat Aliyev has been found dead in his solitary confinemen in an Austrian prison.
09.02.2015 13:23 Unrest
The first protest in the Austrian city of Linz by Germany's "anti-Islamisation" movement PEGIDA drew just 150 supporters.
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