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Twin cars with identical plates discovered in Astana 17 февраля 2014, 22:56

Two identical cars with identical plates have been discovered in Astana.
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Photo courtesy of auto.lafa.kz Photo courtesy of auto.lafa.kz
Two identical Mazdas with identical plates have been discovered in Astana., Tengrinews reports citing the press-service of Internal Affairs Department of Astana. An interesting case happened in Astana last week. A man who owns a Mazda CX7 found a full copy of his car: "While driving the streets of Astana the young man, born in Kyzylorda Obalst, noticed a car bearing the same plates as his white Mazda CX7, the twin car was of the same model and colour. It was parked near a residential block on the left bank of the Ishim River. The young man drove up to take a closer look and parked his car right next to the twin. He saw a road policeman nearby and asked him to take a look at the car too. Seeing that the plates were identical the policeman alerted investigation and operational groups," the press-service said. The police tried to find the own of the identical car, but couldn't, so they removed the twin from the street and took it to an auto impound. The owner of the car has not turned up so far. "The investigation is underway, we are finding out the name of the car owner," the Astana Department said.

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