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Mysterious black ring in sky above Kazakh village 08 апреля 2015, 10:41

A mysterious phenomenon was observed in the skies above Shortandy village in northern Kazakhstan.
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Mysterious black ring over Kazakh village of Shortandy ©YouTube/Roman Khalilov Mysterious black ring over Kazakh village of Shortandy ©YouTube/Roman Khalilov

An unusual phenomenon was observed on April 3 over the village of Shortandy in Akmola Oblast in northern Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports.

A mysterious black ring hanging over the village was captured on camera by an eyewitness Roman Khalilov, who posted the video on YouTube. The ring dissipated after several minutes.

A similar phenomenon was observed in Great Britain in April 2014 - exactly one year ago! Many British media wrote about a strange black ring that resembled a smoke ring from a cigar that hung over the city of Royal Leamington Spa in central England.

Back then the ring was captured on camera by a local schoolgirl Georgina Heap, 16, who was playing tennis with her mom. According to the schoolgirl the ring hung in the sky for about three minutes, and then disappeared. The video of the mysterious phenomenon is available on YouTube.

Experts then concluded that the video was genuine, but were unable to explain the nature of the phenomenon.


By Dinara Urazova


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