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Kyzylorda resident ordered delivery of one million roses 07 марта 2012, 18:46

A man from Kyzylorda has ordered a bunch of one million red roses wroth $3 million.
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Photo courtesy of superstyle.ru Photo courtesy of superstyle.ru
A man from Kyzylorda has ordered a bunch of one million red roses to be delivered on March 8, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Express-K. The man intends to make this present to his wife on March 8 holiday to amend for a quarrel they had recently. He has already made an advanced payment for the flowers. The flowers shop owner said that it is the biggest order in the history of the city. “We have already ordered the flowers from Almaty. These will be Dutch roses and they will be red and well-matched. We are going to make a big discount for this client as for a bulk purchaser,” the shop saleswoman said. She added that these roses would be delivered from Netherlands. The newspaper has calculated that this present will cost about three million dollars to the Kyzylorda resident. Now one Dutch rose costs 500-1000 tenge ($3.4-6.8). During the holiday the prices of flowers usually double and triple and could make up to 2000 tenge ($13.5) per one rose. The bunch of roses will weight 40-50 tonnes.

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