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Kazakhstan businessman decided to open "intim-parking" 22 июля 2011, 14:39

Kazakhstan businessman intends to open an “intim-parking” for young couples, who have no place to seclude themselves.
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Tengrinews.kz stock photo Tengrinews.kz stock photo
Kazakhstan businessman wrote in one of the forums about his intention to open an “intim-parking” for young couples, who have no place to seclude themselves, Express K reports. “Many car owners date their lovers and sometimes want to seclude themselves to have good time. But sometimes the either don't have money to rent an apartment or have an urge,” the newspaper cites businessman. To help lovers, a young man decided to put nontransparent dividers, install garbage cans and everything necessary for dates in a dedicated parking zone. The author of the idea is only concerned about reaction of the authorities on such facility. According to lawyers, the idea of the young businessman will be hard to implement. Administration will not allow opening of any facility with “intim” word in the name. But if it is registered as regular parking, the authorities will immediately close it after they find out its real purpose. The only way to open such an unusual parking is to register it as a motel. This way the owner does not bear a responsibility for what his visitors are doing.

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