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It took a full day to catch a 3-meter anaconda in Karaganda oblast 29 июля 2011, 12:47

The snake fell out of a truck carrying circus animals during a stop in a village of Aksu-Ayuly Shet region.
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A circus troupe spent whole day looking for a 3-meter anaconda that they lost in one of the villages of Karaganda oblast, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports referring to a local witness Zhanara Ospanova. According to the source, a truck carrying circus animals was passing through a village in Aksu-Ayuly Shet region on July 26. It was stopped by a road police officer for documents inspection. “The officer asked the driver to open the back of the truck and show what he was carrying. Having made sure that circus animals were in there the officer allowed the driver to continue on his way. But the driver must have failed to close to door properly and when the car was pulling off a crate with the anaconda fell out,” Ospanova said. The driver noticed that the back door of the truck was slightly ajar only after several kilometers. He went back to the place where he stopped, but the crate was already empty. “The circus troupe aided by policemen and emergency teams was looking for this anaconda for a full day. All the residents of our village were alarmed, we were afraid that the snake could be in one of the houses. We also took part in the search, we were combing the steppes along the road, but did it very carefully no to fall victim to the snake,” Ospanova said. The snake was eventually found in a metal crate that was lying near a roadside café at the entrance to the village.

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