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Horse smashed in a car during race in East Kazakhstan 26 сентября 2012, 20:26

13-y.o. horseman from Semei received a brain concussion.
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Photo courtesy of derby.kz Photo courtesy of derby.kz
A race horse smashed into a street cleansing vehicle and died as a result of the accident in Tarbagatai region of East-Kazakhstan oblast, YK-news.kz reports. Its 13-y.o. horseman from Semei received a brain concussion. According to the administration of Tarbagatai region, neither the teenager nor his parents have any complains against the organizers. The incident happened last Friday during the event timed to opening of Kabanbai Batyr memorial. The vehicle was showering the road before the race, so that there was less dust during the tournament. However, for some unknown reasons, several tens of the horsemen started racing without a special command, when the car was still on the track.
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