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Dutch man tried to kidnap his Pavlodar lover 20 февраля 2012, 17:23

A citizen of Holland tried to kidnap a girl in Pavlodar.
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A Dutch flag. Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org A Dutch flag. Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org
A citizen of Holland tried to kidnap a girl in Pavlodar, Tengrinews.kz reports citing head of press-service of Pavlodar oblast Interior Department Bayan Magzumova. 23-year-old English teacher from one of Pavlodar schools got acquainted with the 31 y.o. Dutch man from Amsterdam through the Internet. Last December she went to the Netherlands on the guy’s invitation and spent a month there. Seeing the girl off, the amorous foreigner was confident that he would become the Kazakh family’s son-in-law. However, upon arrival to Pavlodar the girl sent him a letter saying she was marrying someone else. Not wishing to put up with the loss, the Dutch arrived in Astana on February 12, rented a jeep and went to Pavlodar, where he tracked down his would-be fiancée. Not far from her house the foreigner knocked her down with the car, dragged her into the car and drove off towards Astana, think of taking her to Russia and then to Holland. The man lost his way somewhere near Rozovka village and had to go back to Pavlodar. There the Dutch Romeo was apprehended by police officers, as the girl’s Kazakh fiancé called the police after the girl disappeared. As it turned out later, the girl’s friend was a witness of the kidnaping. “Administrative proceedings have been initiated against the foreigner on pedestrian knockdown charges. The man was fined 24 thousand tenge ($164) and his driver’s license was suspended for one year. After the investigation is complete he will be deported to his homeland. All the police materials related to the foreign citizen will be sent to Holland,” Magzumova said.

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