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Descendant of Kazakh Khan selling family jewels 08 марта 2013, 12:42

A citizen of Uralsk in western Kazakhstan who asked not to be named is looking for organizers of an auction.
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Photo courtesy of uralskweek.kz Photo courtesy of uralskweek.kz
A descendant of one of Kazakh Khans of Bokey Horde (Kazakh Khanate that was part of Russian Empire and was situated in interfluve area of the Ural and Volga Rivers in 1801-1876) wants to auction his family jewelry, Kazakh national silver jewelry made in 16th-18th centuries, Uralsk Week reports. The citizen of Uralsk, who asked not to be named yet, is looking for organizers of the auction. According to him, he has already approached Kazakhstan museums. But they only suggested him to donate his jewels to the museums, because Kazakhstan museums don’t have the funds to purchase such things. But the man doesn't want to donate the jewels to museums. He needs the money for charity to help children who are in need of expensive surgeries, he says.

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