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Car turns in block of ice in Astana: Prank or accident? 04 января 2015, 12:53

A car has turned in a block of ice in Kazakhstan's Astana.
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Photo courtesy of a Tengrinews reader Photo courtesy of a Tengrinews reader

During the holiday season Astana is as beautiful and festive as it is harsh and cold. A Tengrinews reader reported that a car froze near Tursyn Astana apartment complex and provided photos of the site of the incident.

The car froze in as a result of an accident. Ainur Mussina of the local apartment complex cooperative explained that Astana Su Arnasy company, a municipal water suppler, was conducting pipe cleaning after it received a report that tap water in the apartment building contained sand. 

“The workers must have left a running hose in the manhole. Maybe it was someone's joke or some stumbled on the hose, or a car moved it when driving past, but the water started poured on the nearby car instead of the sewages. But one thing is clear, the hose did not move on its own. It seems somebody had nothing better to do at night and decided to make a prank,” Mussina said.

As a result of the accident two more cars were damaged - they stand with their wheels frozen deep into the ice. Meanwhile, the tube cleaning continues in the neighbourhood.

By Gyuzel Kamalova


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