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A woman dragged under car in Almaty 19 апреля 2013, 16:31

A scary video appeared on Facebook: a woman was dragged down the road under a car’s trunk in Kazakhstan.
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Snapshot of the video from facebook.com Snapshot of the video from facebook.com
A scary video has been posted on Facebook: a woman was dragged on the road under the car’s trunk, Tengrinews.kz reports. The video was uploaded by journalist Toktar Zhakash who called it “a new way of stealing bribes”. The video shows Daewoo Nexia with plate number 187 AE 02 driving down Abai street in Almaty. Three people in camouflage are running after it. A young woman is under the trunk crying for help. The driver was in the car with all the doors locked and windows closed and he apparently was not aware about the aweful situation. The surrounding cars tried to stop the driver by blocking the car from all sides. The woman was finally released. It was unclear whether the victim was tied to the car at first. The video was recorded by a dash camera. It is unclear when the video was recorded. The date on the video states 01.01.2012 but it is possible that the date is wrong. The video was shared by over 100 Facebook users. According to the official representative of the Interior Ministry Nurdilda Oraz, the law-enforcement authorities found the owner of the car. It turned out that the car is owned by Eksin Oil company that provides transport services. “We identified that the car is registered to the private company. The car was registered in Almaty Road Police Department this February. The driver that we have interrogated has been working in this company for a week only. That’s why we had to search for the previous driver to find out the reasons of the incident,” Oraz said. Almaty police officers have found the reason of the incident. According to the press-secretary of Almaty Interior Department Yermek Boltayev, the woman’s clothes accidently caught on the car’s tow bar. “We found out the details. The incident happened on March 6, 2013. The interior troops patrol noticed a man and a woman sorting out their relationship at the crossing of Abai and Altynsarin streets,” Boltayev said. “In some time the man gave up, got in the car and drove away. In an attempt to stop him the women stumbled and fell and her clothes caught on the car’s bumper.” The driver dragged the woman for 10 meters. The man did not hear the yelling and did not stop because to area they were in was very noisy. “The patrol ran to the car trying to stop it. The woman said she had no claims against the driver and even refused to be taken to a hospital to be checked by a doctor. She walked home herself,” he said. Boltayev added that the man came to a police office and told about the incident as it could be qualify as a road accident. And all the traffic accidents must be reported to the police. He came to police and told about the accident, Boltayev said. By Roza Yessenkulova

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