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President of Austria wished luck to K2 expedition 13 июля 2011, 11:59

Presidents have not yet wished luck to me and Vassiliy Pivtsov in no expedition: Maksut Zhumayev.
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Expedition to K2. ©NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC/Ralf Dujmovits Expedition to K2. ©NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC/Ralf Dujmovits
President of Austria Heinz Fischer wished good luck to international expedition to K2, Kazakhstan alpinist Maksut Zhumayev told Tengrinews.kz. It turned out that the expedition participant Gerlinda Kaltenbrunner knows the president of her country in person. “It turned out that he keeps track of our expedition and worries for us. He wished us good weather and successful completion of the expedition. The president likes going to the mountains and supports healthy lifestyle. It is very pleasant. Presidents have not yet wished luck to me and Vassiliy Pivtsov in no expedition,” Zhumayev said. Meanwhile, participants of the expedition started another attempt to ascend K2. The aplinists waited for a better weather in the base camp and now are planning to move on again: “We have reached the intermediate camp. Here we are picking up our equipment, tents and ropes, and then move on to the first camp. Tomorrow we will go to the mount itself. We are walk very slowly. There are 10 sm of snow, so we have to tread out the path again.” According to forecasts, the good weather will last for another 3-4 days in Karakorum mountain system. During this time alpinists are planning to install the second camp and spend one night there. “This has to be done for acclimatization purposes. The camp will be 6,400 meters above the sea level. It is very important that we ascend slowly and smoothly, so that we are no health problems later,” Kazakhstan sportsman said. Chogori is located in Karakorum mountain system in Kashmir province at the territory of Pakistan. Its height is 8,611 meters.

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