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Kazakhstan skaters won Dubai Golden Cup 10 мая 2011, 14:15

Kazakhstan figure skaters won the Golden Cup at a junior skating tournament in Dubai.
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Photo courtesy of savetravel.ru Photo courtesy of savetravel.ru
Kazakhstan figure skaters won the Golden Cup the 2011 Skate Dubai Golden Cup junior skating tournament, KazTAG reports. Regina Glazman from Almaty won gold at the tournament, chief couch of Almaty figure skating club Qyial, internationally certified referee Aigul Kuanysheva, announced. Earlier she won Kazakhstan School Opympics 2011. Her younger peer Aiza Imambek, Kazakhstan 2011 Junior Champion won silver. The third place was given to UAE skater Nahid Yusef who is training in the Russian School of Olympic Reserve. Daniyar Adylov and Anna Khvan from Qyial club won in Juvenile category (up to 13 years). Young Kazakhstan skaters brought home the total of eight gold, seven silver and five bronze medals. International junior tournament The 2011 Skate Dubai Golden Cup is a single skating tournament. More than 80 junior sportsmen from Australia, Armenia, Great Britain, Israel, Kazakhstan, UAE, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine took part in the tournament. Kazakhstan was represented by skaters from Astana and two Almaty teams from IceTiger and Qyial clubs.

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