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Kazakhstan Olympic team’s success exceeds expectations of over half of Kazakhstan residents 07 августа 2012, 18:52

61 percent of the polled Kazakhstan residents believe that Kazakhstan Olympic team shows excellent results.
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Ilya Ilyin's Olympic gold medal. ©REUTERS Ilya Ilyin's Olympic gold medal. ©REUTERS
Over half of the polled Kazakhstan residents believe Kazakhstan Olympic team’s success unexpected, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the research held by Integration fund along with NewsEffector monitoring agency. The poll was held on August 1-6 in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus and covered 6,012 people. According to the results, 61 percent of the polled Kazakhstan residents believe that the team shows excellent results, 24 percent evaluate the team’s performance as good and 12 percent note that the results are quite optimistic. “Kazakhstan shows very successful results at the London Olympics, which certifies that Kazakhstan has done a lot in development of sports in the last years. By the number of gold medals Kazakhstan is in top ten right now. Probably these Olympics will be the best in the history of Kazakhstan,” Director of Integration Fund Sergey Moroz said. Meanwhile, almost a half of the polled Russian residents think that their national team is showing poor results. 21 percent of respondents tagged the number of the obtained gold medals a failure. Almost 41 percent of respondents in Ukraine are not satisfied with the number of the won medals. Whereas Belarus residents are pleased with the performance of their national team. 25 percent of the Russian respondents see the reasons for failure of their team in the consequences of the collapse of the Soviet Union and 22 percent blame inefficient work of the sports officials for it. 19 percent of respondents think that the reason lays in the lack of the mass sports in the country, while 7 percent note that poor results is a consequence of the lack of good sports training system for children and teenagers and 6 percent blame inefficient financing for it. 5 percent of the polled Russian residents pointed at the lack of good coaches, 4 percent spoke of low motivation of the sportsmen and no patriotic feelings, while 2 percent mentioned unfair refereeing at the London Olympics.

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