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Kazakhstan Adai horses won the CIS Cup 04 августа 2011, 12:03

The competition took place in Spassk-Ryazansky city of Ryazan oblast in Russia. Adai houses Oily came first and Zhiren – third.
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©Galiya Kaliyeva ©Galiya Kaliyeva
Kazakhstan Adai horses won the CIS Cup (Commonwealth of Independent States), KazTag reports referring to the press-service of Mangystau Oblast of Kazakhstan. The competition took place on July 29-31 in the city of Spassk-Ryazansky in Ryazan oblast in Russia. “The Adai horses won the first place by team score in the international 80 km race; they are followed by Kabarda houses. Kazakh horses Oily and Zhiren (jockey Sesen Ratyp) finished first and third. So Kazakhstan won the Commonwealth Cup,” the reports says. Teams from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine took part in the competition. Every team consisted of five horses. Kazakhstan was represented by the team of horses from Mangystau oblast. Besides, winning the race the Adai horses won the Audience Choice Award. “Russians appreciated these small, sturdy and enduring houses of Adai breed for their durability, high adaptivity to harsh weather conditions and fodder of Mangystau peninsula. The speed of these horses also impressed the horse breeders: they ran at the speed of 24.5 km/h,” the press-release said. “The Russian team was the main candidate for victory in this event. They presented the world famous Kabarda breed. Weighing in the fact that this team was highly experienced, well trained and familiar with the terrain we were not hoping for a full and unquestioned victory. But I think that now Adai horses are now longer going to be “black houses” at international events. New competitions are ahead of us as well as new victories!” head of Mangystau oblast Administration of Agriculture Tumenbay Kalzhanuly said. In autumn those year Adai houses will take part in international 120km horse race. Kazakhstan presented the new breed, Adai horses, at the international arena for the first time in May this year at the Central Asian Championship on horse distance tests. Compared to splendid Arab and Akhal-Teke horses, this small horse looks quite modest. However, Kazakhstan horse breeders consider it the country's national pride as, being a novice, the horse was among the leaders even at the first international tournament it was presented at. Adai horses took the first four prizes out of 16 horses participating in the tournament, while five Adai horses took part in the contest.

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