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Dakar-2013: Arthur Ardavichus told about goals of Astana crew in Dakar-2013 rally 21 декабря 2012, 15:07

The most important goal for Kazakhstan's Astana crews is to keep our teams safe both in Africa Race an in Dakar Rally Raid: Arthur Ardavichus.
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Arthur Ardavichus personal stock photo Arthur Ardavichus personal stock photo
Kazakhstan's Astana crews are ready for the participation in two most prestigious rally raids, Vesti.kz reports. Africa Race will kick off on December 27 and three off-roaders will represent Kazakhstan’s team there. Two crews led by Zhanat Zhalimbetov and Kanat Shagirov will drive M440 vehicles and Yuriy Sazonov’s crew will try to conquer the African Desert driving Bowler. Legendary Dakar-2013 rally raid will kick off on January 5. Four Astana crews will take part in the rally. Arthur Ardavichus’s crew will traditionally compete in the trucks category driving a KamAZ truck. Aidyn Rakhimbayev and Baurzhan Issabayev will drive M440 vehicles and Andrey Cherednikov will drive a GForce car in the off-roaders category. “As for our goals in this rally, the first and the most important goal is to keep all our crews safe in both rallies. The organizers of Dakar race make the route even more complicated every year to make sure that as few cars as possible reach the finish. Moreover it is not a secret that the rally raids take a toll on human lives every year and we’d like to keep our friends alive and to return to Kazakhstan safe and sound. The second task is to reach the finish line, because it is already a victory. Only when you reach the finish you can truly understand your worth,” Ardavichus said.

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