Zhansaya Abdulmalik of Kazakhstan achieves unrestricted International Master at Reykjavik Open

26 марта 2015, 02:43
Zhansaya Abdulmalik receiving a certificate for the completion of man master's norm. Photo from personal archives.
Zhansaya Abdulmalik receiving a certificate for the completion of man master's norm. Photo from personal archives.

Zhansaya Abdulmalik, a 15 y.o. chess player from Kazakhstan, has successfully competed at the International Reykjavik Open 2015 completing the unrestricted International Master, Tengrinews reports citing Vesti.kz.

Zhansaya entered the competition as a Woman Grandmaster - the title awarded to chess players who achieve at some time a rating of 2300. It is the highest-ranking chess title restricted to women aside from Women's World Champion. Woman International Master title, however, represents a level of chess skill lower than that of the unrestricted Grandmaster (GM) (2500) title or unrestricted International Master (IM) (2400) title.  

274 chess players from 37 countries participated in the 30th edition of the Reykjavik Open. Zhanzaya Abdulmalik earned 6.5 points for 6 victories, one draw and three loses. As a result, the Kazakhstani landed on the 37th place in the overall ranking of the tournament.

According to Zhansaya’s father Daniyar Ashirov she played with two male masters and six male gross masters who held ratings from 2514 to 2625. “It is a serious challenge for any male chess player let alone for a 15 y.o. girl. Meanwhile, Zhansaya had a rating of 2379,” Ashirov said.

Thanks to her performance In the April rating the young chess player is going up 32 places to 2411 points. By achieving the level of 2400 points Zhansaya will qualify for the title of unrestricted International Master and once again claim the first place among Kazakhstani woman chess players.

When asked what crossing the 2400 point mark felt, Zhansaya answered: “I do not really feel any different. I have just competed in one more tournament and increased my rating. My father said that on April 1 I would be 62nd among women. When I am number 1 in the world, then I will tell you how I feel.”

Zhansaya Abdulmalik is the second Kazakhstani chess player after Dinara Saduakasova to complete the unrestricted International Master.

Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina 

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