Expedition to K2 too tired to sleep in the third camp

25 июля 2011, 13:19
Expedition to K2. ©NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC/Darek Zaluski
Expedition to K2. ©NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC/Darek Zaluski
Participants of international expedition to K2 finished their third acclimatization trip to Chogori. Alpinists were too tired to get to and spend a night in the third camp at 7,120m, Kazakhstan alpinist Maksut Zhumayev told Tengrinews.kz.

“We decided that spending a night in the third camp would be unreasonable. Everyone is tired and additional load would not improve acclimatization, but would make sportsmen feel worse,” Zhumayev said.

According to Kazakhstan alpinist, the team fulfilled the main task of the third trip to K2: “We have done job 100 percent. We worked on the route to the third camp, brought 660 meters of rope there, checked the condition of the area. The weather was not very good, so we think that our task has been accomplished.”

The third acclimatization advancement of alpinists lasted for 5 days. Food and gas were almost over. This was one of the reasons for early return to the base camp. The forecasts say that the weather will be bad in Karakorum mountain system in the coming few days.

“A real storm will start on Tuesday and we can’t work in such conditions. We will have some rest and wait for a better weather. Then will be go for the forth acclimatization trip with the purpose of working on the route to the fourth camp. It will be located at 8,000 meters. This will be our last acclimatization trip before ascending the top of K2,” the sportsman added.

Chogori is located in Karakorum mountain system in Kashmir province at the territory of Pakistan. Its height is 8,611 meters.

By Dmitriy Dubovitskiy

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