Canoe of Kazakhstan Olympic sportsman found

23 июля 2012, 09:23
Rafail Vergoyazov. Photo courtesy of
Rafail Vergoyazov. Photo courtesy of
The canoe of Kazakhstan Olympic sportsman was found. The luggage of Kazakhstan canoe slalom team was found the same day, press-secretary of the Directorate of National Teams and Sports Reserves Ardak Togumov told

The luggage was discovered in Istanbul the same day. Turkish Airlines started to look for its owner straight away but the contact information was incorrect. On July 17-18 the search for the owner continued in Heathrow airport in London.

“Unfortunately, the sportsman and the senior coach Yekaterina Lukicheva did not timely inform the sport management on the luggage loss. Most probably, they believed that such a large-size cargo will find its owner in some time,” Togumov noted.

The air company delivered the canoe and other equipment of Kazakhstan sportsman to London’s rowing channel at its own cost. Rafail Vergoyazov now trains in his own canoe.

Meanwhile, sportsmen from other countries also suffered from the same air carrier. Their sports equipment was also lost but then found and successfully returned to the owners.

Earlier English reported that Turkish Airlines have lost a part of Kazakhstan canoe slalom sportsmen's luggage on the way to London.

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