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VIDEO: Kazakhstan designers will show Almaty "mechanical shapito" in "Goldberg machine" style in fall 19 августа 2011, 19:26

Kazakhstan designers are planning to create an interactive exhibition styled as the world-famous Goldberg Machine.
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Goldberg's interactive installation. ©vimeo.com Goldberg's interactive installation. ©vimeo.com
Kazakhstan designers are planning to create an interactive exhibition styled as the world-famous Goldberg Machine. The machine is a very complicated, big and entangled device performing simple functions (for example, a huge machine sparing a whole room with the purpose of moving a spoon with food from a plate to a person’s mouth). Mechanical piano design center told Tengrinews.kz about the show scheduled for October 2011. “The project is aimed for designers, engineers, inventors and those who like LEGO. We saw such videos on the Internet several times and said: “We have to do something alike!” We decided to make the project by October,” Mechanical piano team shared its plans. Designers are inviting everyone who is interested in the idea of interactive exhibition and participation in the project. Mechanical piano has prepared a platform on Al-Farabi street with an area of 560 square meters and height of almost 5 meters. “We will be assembling Goldberg machine in the center of the room; we have allocated 200 square meters specially for this machine. The rest of the area is aimed for visitors, journalists, operators and photographers who will tell the world about it. Similar videos are uploaded on the net and best of them get millions of views. So why don’t we do the same together?” Kazakhstan designers said. Goldberg Machines are complicated devices that include tens and hundreds of actions made in a chain reaction and in the end lead to some simple result (for example, popping a balloon). Creation of an exhibition takes 3-6 months depending on complexity of the work (sometimes up to 1 year), while the action takes 3-5 minutes. Such videos may involve such subjects as photography equipment, car spares, basket balls, cups, mousetraps, umbrellas, etc. Thousands of different groups in the world are creating such machines. Purdue University in the US even has an annual competition for such groups. Kazakhstan organizers of “Goldberg” show say that companies can also take part in creation of the project. Each company will prepare a separate part that will be assembledand integrated into the one whole composition.

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