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PHOTO: Kazakhstan designers impressed Britain with motorcycle helmets 18 августа 2011, 14:40

British citizens like motorcycle hard hats decorated by Kazakhstan designers.
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British citizens like motorcycle hard hats decorated by Kazakhstan designers, The Daily Mail writes. Designers suggested to sell bikers’ hats with a bright painting on the outer side. According to the newspaper, design of helmets developed by Kazakhstan marketing company Good! will make motorcyclists more noticeable in the traffic. The idea is to attracte attention by using pictures of human heads in the helmets design. So, the client will be able to buy a hard hat with a picture of bald head and everyone will think that he doesn’t have any hair. Designers also suggest to decorate helmets with brains, cracked walnuts and watermelons, tennis and golf balls. “There are no real helmets yet, just the design. But since hundreds of thousands of people have showed interest in the product we are thinking about production,” Kazakhstan designer Renat Abdrakhmanov told the journalists. According to the company’s employees, the number of motorcycles has increased in country in the last 2 years, that is why there will be a great demand of such products. Employees of Good! think that Kazakhstan citizens will be able to buy the original helmets in the nearest time. The company is also considering a possibility of selling the products in other countries.

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