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PHOTO: Baursak contest was held in Semey 26 апреля 2012, 19:00

An unusual holiday was organized in Semey by Aisha BibiKazakh National Cultural Center.
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Photo courtesy of Altaynews.kz Photo courtesy of Altaynews.kz
An unusual holiday was organized in Semey by Aisha BibiKazakh National Cultural Center. The Baursak Day was celebrated in the city. Numerous variations of this Kazakh national dish were demonstrated in the Friendship House. Women who cooked the dish shared their recipes with all the visitors wishing to know them, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Altaynews.kz . The Best Baursak Cook contest was held at the event as well. 10 women took part in the competition. They have showed different cooking methods. “There are yeasty, unleavened, rounded and finger-shaped baursaks. One sort is called barmak-baursak and they are small, they are cooked for children, for children’s holidays. Big-sized baursaks are cooked for large holidays. There is also a variety called road baursaks, they are made from unleavened dough and fried on animal fat. Such baursaks can stay fresh for the whole month and not grow musty. That’s why they were called road food,” Ayman Bokpassarova, the Center's director, said. Schoolchildren from local schools were invited to the holiday. They learned the story of baursak origin, and watched the cooking process. This cooking competition was held in Semey for the third time. Pensioner Kamshat Abdildenova won the competition this year. Baursak is a type of fried dough found in the cuisines of Central Asia.
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