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March holidays and workdays in Kazakhstan 06 марта 2014, 18:39

Kazakhstan is celebrating two bank holidays in March: March 8 and Nauryz.
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Photo courtesy of newyearseveblog.com Photo courtesy of newyearseveblog.com
Kazakhstan is celebrating two bank holidays in March: March 8 and Nauryz, Tengrinews reports. According to the Holidays Law of Kazakhstan if a bank holiday falls on a weekend day - Saturday or Sunday - that is a day off anyway, then the next workday becomes the day off for the bank holiday. March 8 -- the International Women's Day -- is Saturday this year. So, Kazakhstan will enjoy days of celebrations on March 8-10. However, this works best only for those who have a 5-day working week. Those who have a 6-day working week will have a day off on Saturday, March 8, then their usual Sunday off, and then a workday on March 10. Another spring holiday Nauryz - the Kazakh New Year - is celebrated for three days on March 21-23. It also falls on a weekend this year, so Kazakhstan will have a 5-day vacation from March 21 to March 25 to party the equinox day. Those who have a 6 day working week will have March 21-24 off for Nauryz.
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