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Ice and Fire ice show to be held in Almaty 31 мая 2011, 10:40

Ice and Fire figure skating show of Ilya Averbukh will be held in Almaty on June 1 to commemorate the Child Protection Day.
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Alexey Vorobyov. ©RIA Novosti Alexey Vorobyov. ©RIA Novosti
Ice and Fire ice show of Ilya Averbukh (a famous Russian ice-skater) will be held in Almaty on June 1 to commemorate the Child Protection Day, an official website of Ilya Averbukh's production company writes. Before the performance in Baluan Sholak Sport and Culture Palace at the crossing of Abay and Baitursynov streets the stars of world skating and show-business will visit Meirim rehabilitation center for disabled children and teenagers. All the money raised at the show will be transferred to the center. Olympics champions Alexei Yagudin, Tatiana Navka, Roman Kostomarov, Tatiana Totmianina, Maxim Marinin, world champions and prize-winners Margarita Drobyazko, Povilas Vanagas, Maria Petrova, Alexei Tikhonov, Yelena Leonova, Andrei Khvalko, Maxim Staviski, Ruslan Goncharov and the show producer Ilya Averbukh will show their best performances. Actress Yelizaveta Arzamassova, Eurovision-2011 participant Alexey Vorobyov, Kazakhstan actress Linda Nigmatullina and singer Svetlana Svetikova will be among the pop stars who will take part in the show.

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