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First Military Parade held in Kazakhstan 08 мая 2013, 15:06

The First Military Parade in the history of Kazakhstan and its Armed Forces was held at the 40th military base Otar on May 7.
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Photo by Vladimir Prokopenko© Photo by Vladimir Prokopenko©
The First Military Parade in the history of Kazakhstan and its Armed Forces was held at the 40th military base Otar on May 7, Tengrinews.kz reports. The event was attended by Kazakhstan President and Supreme Allied Commander Nursultan Nazarbayev. The President was accompanied by the Defense Minister and high brass of the armed forces in a tour of Kazakhstan's newly acquired and locally-modernized samples of military vehicles. Nazarbayev checked on special vehicles for military, civil and dual purpose, including, administrative, combat, medical, search and rescue cars, radio relay stations, Tulpar snow and swamp-going vehicle, EC-145 Eurocopters assembled in Kazakhstan, unmanned drones and many other types of armament, vehicles and uniforms. Ground Forces Commander-in-Chief Major General Murat Maikeyev told the President about the army’s preparedness prior to the parade. The President congratulated militarymen, veterans and all the Kazakhstan citizens on the Motherland Defendant’s Day. According to the President, Kazakhstan army annually holds over 250 operational and military training events in the field conditions. “The military parade is a culmination of all these preparatory events. This is a practical demonstration of the professional skills, team work and firepower of the Kazakhstan Army. Military divisions will show their skills in the use of modern armament of ground and air forces. The parade involves 7 thousand militarymen, over 400 military vehicles, 80 aircrafts and helicopters. This is one of our biggest trainings. Ships of Kazakhstan Navy will perform a weapons training at sea. On this day, May 7, officers and soldiers will demonstrate that they are real patriots and professionals with the powerful and brave motto: “Strong Army – Strong Kazakhstan!” the President said. Over 5 thousand spectators could see the battle handling and professional skills of the soldiers and officers. The militarymen showed the modern armament and military vehicles in real use. Ground and Air Forces made real rocket launches, bombardments, demonstrated field firing from all types of weapons. Military aircrafts and helicopters of the Armed Forces staged an air battle. Zhetyssu and Sunkar pilot groups performed aerial stunts. Airbus C-295 dropped airborne assault units and performed a landing on an unpaved runway, demonstrating high capacities of this aircraft. Air defense was represented by C-125 missile system that performed live launches of ground-to-air missiles at imitative air targets. The military parade also included a demonstration of weapons of rocket troops and artillery: Tochka-U tactical guided missile system, Grad and Prima multiple-launch rocket systems, MATA-B and D-30 howitzers, Solntsepek heavy flame systems, Storm-S antitank missile system and more. The spectators also saw wheeled and track vehicles of the Ground Forces: T-72B tanks, BTR-82A armored fighting vehicles and tank support fighting vehicles. Special forces showed their skills on Kobra and Hummer military vehicles. The parade also included the divisions of the armed forces, military universities, interior troops of the Interior Ministry, near-border services of the National Security Commission, troops of the Emergency Situations Ministry and ceremonial troops of the State Guards. The parade involved the total of 7 thousand militarymen, over 400 vehicles and over 80 aircrafts and helicopters. The event also included a live video broadcast from the Caspian Sea and the spectators could watch salvos made by Kazakhstan Navy. By Vladimir Prokopenko

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