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Elvis Presley singing robot arrived in Semey 06 декабря 2012, 11:36

The exhibition that has opened in Semey resently consists of 19 animatronic human robots made in the USA or in Japan.
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©Ruslan Shakabayev ©Ruslan Shakabayev
A unique exhibition of Tehno Robots has opened in Semey, Tengrinews.kz reports. The exhibition consists of 19 animatronic human robots made in the United States or in Japan. The robots can move, carry out complex tasks and speak. The model of rock singer Elvis Presley usually attracts visitors’ attention. It not only echoes the precise facial expression of the star, but sings as well. “There is R2D2 robot from Hollywood movie Star Wars among these robots. This model is operated with voice commands. But, R2D2 understands only American English and often the robot refuses to execute our commands because of our accent,” Vassily Markin, museum guide and manager said. There are different models of robots available at the exhibition and many people would love to have some of them in their apartment. For example, robot-guard could move within the house rapidly and capture everything on video. And panda-babysitter can take care of a child aged 2-4. “Robot could play a game or tell a bedtime story. Moreover, panda is equipped with sensors and reacts when babies touch it,” Markin added.

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