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Contestants of Miss USSR UK 2014 from Kazakhstan unveiled 16 декабря 2013, 16:26

A number of participant representing Kazakhstan at the Miss USSR UK 2014 have been unveiled.
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The participants of <i>Miss USSR 2013</i>. ©facebook.com/missussr.co.uk The participants of Miss USSR 2013. ©facebook.com/missussr.co.uk
A number of participants, who are representing Kazakhstan at the Miss USSR UK 2014, have been unveiled, Tengrinews reports. Beautiful young ladies from post-Soviet Union who live and work in the United Kingdom and want to establish themselves there will represent their countries for several months starting once again this year. The main goal of the contest is to unite all the representatives of the Post Soviet space. Kazakhstan is represented by 8 contestants at the beauty pageant in Great Britain. Madina Kudaibergenova, winner of Teen Miss Universe 2007, Little King and Queen of the World 2007. The girl hopes to win the Miss USSR UK 2014 is among them. According to the contest organizers, there may be more contestants from Kazakhstan at the actual contest. The last audition for the Miss USSR 2014 took place on December 14, 2013. The event consists of five steps: online application, photo castings in specified London venues, online voting, Miss Country semi-final (Miss Russia UK, Miss Latvia UK etc.) and the Final Event. The primary photo castings and online voting will be followed by qualifying rounds for participants from the same country to compete. The winners will proceed to the semi-finals held in chic and famous venues across London. The online voting starts in mid December on the official website of the contest. According to the organizers, the semi-finals of the pageant will start in January 2014 and the Kazakhstan stage will take place in mid February 2014. The Final Show will take place in one of the large concert halls of London with thousands of visitors, media and celebrities. The total of 30 contestants will be selected for the Miss USSR UK 2014 final, two from each country of the Post Soviet Union. Miss USSR UK is a beauty pageant combined with a fashion show. All contestants will demonstrate latest fashion collections of famous designers. The winners will receive prizes from worldwide known brands, romantic trips and designer dresses. Winners of Miss USSR are promised several thousand pound worth of shopping in the London’s boutiques and a separate money prize. The jury board of Arkady Novikov, Dj Smash, Masha Tsigal and others judged the Miss USSR UK 2013. This year’s jury is expected to include famous people as well. Madina Kudaibergenova Ainash Akhmetova Aizhan Kulzhanova Alima Toganasova Dana Magauina Maiya Aitbenova Sara Tanatova Angela Da Silva A contestant from Kazakhstan - Symbat Kulzhagarova - won the People’s Choice Award at the last Miss USSR pageant. She was chosen by social networks users. The organizer of the contest Yulia Titiva said that Symbat had the best national dress.

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