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Student from Karaganda assembles his own nanosatellite 24 октября 2013, 00:19

Margulan Yessenzhol, a high school student from Karaganda in central Kazakhstan, has assembled his own nanosatellite.
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Margulan Yessenzhol. ©express-k.kz Margulan Yessenzhol. ©express-k.kz
A student from Karaganda Margulan Yessenzhol has assembled his own nanosatellite, Express K reports. The highschool student of Daryn, a school for gifted children, worked on the project for two years. The device weights only 10 kilograms. According to the boy, the nanosatellite was made from improvised materials, including parts of old computer and printer. The nanosatellite is equipped with a camera with infrared vision that is capable of spotting areas on fire - such as forest and steppe fires - at the territory of Kazakhstan. It is also equipped with special sensors that track movement of clouds and register astronomical phenomenon. The work of Margulan Yessenzhol was highly appreciated. The nanosatellite was the best project at the national contest EXPO through the Eyes of Children. The project has attracted attention of investors.

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