Kazakhstani app wins at Startup Conference Kazakhstani Wipon project won the main prize of 25,000 dollars at the biggest tech conference in Central Asia.
19 ноября 2015
Russia readies to exhume Tsar Alexander III in Romanov probe Russian investigators began examining the grave of Tsar Alexander III ahead of his exhumation in a probe looking to finally identify the remains of the last tsar Nicholas II and his family.
04 ноября 2015
Kazakhstan isn’t going to mass-produce cosmonauts: head of KazKosmos National Space Agency However, plans are afoot to keep on training prospective astronauts, including female astronauts.
28 октября 2015
Trio wins Nobel Chemistry Prize for DNA repair work Sweden's Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich of the US and Aziz Sancar, a Turkish-American, won the 2015 Nobel Chemistry Prize for work on how cells repair damaged DNA.
07 октября 2015
'Gifts' from Chinese herbal medicine Derived from a herb used to treat fevers some 1,700 years ago, the anti-malaria drug artemisinin is one of many treatments plucked from the treasure chest of ancient Chinese medicine.
06 октября 2015
Brain research gets $100 million boost Research into brain diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and traumatic injury got a boost with a $100 million pledge from a US foundation and seven universities.
02 октября 2015
Kazakh engineer builds revolutionary LEGO-like toy robot Kazakh engineer Rustem Akishbekov has built a revolutionary toy-robot and plans to win over LEGO’s customers.
30 сентября 2015
Liquid water found on Mars: NASA Liquid water has been observed on the planet Mars which makes it far more likely that life could be found there, the US space agency NASA said.
29 сентября 2015
Robot attends school in Kazakhstan In Karaganda, Kazakhstan there is a robot that attends classes instead of a disabled pupil.
18 сентября 2015
Apple TV aims to capture 'cord cutters' The new Apple TV unveiled this week has the potential to do for television what iPhone did to mobile phones, while claiming a starring role in home entertainment.
11 сентября 2015
Photos of Caspian Sea and Astana from space posted on Twitter Astronauts, who are currently on board of the ISS, have tweeted the photos of the Caspian Sea and Kazakhstan's capital Astana from space.
10 сентября 2015
Tech world waits for iPhone news and hopes for magic The tech world will have its eyes on Apple, expecting new versions of the company's coveted iPhone but hoping for magic in the form of unexpected innovation.
09 сентября 2015
Airlines go slow on aircraft tracking Less then 10% of airlines have introduced full-time flight tracking recommended by IATA. Why is the simple process taking so long?
07 сентября 2015
Aidyn Aimbetov's flight to ISS is a milestone event for Kazakhstan: Chairman of Kazcosmos Talgat Mussabayev Space flight of Kazakhstan’s astronaut Aidyn Aimbetov to the International Space Station is a milestone event for Kazakhstan.
04 сентября 2015
Soyuz rocket with three astronauts launches towards ISS A Soyuz spacecraft with three astronauts successfully launched towards the International Space Station, marking the 500th manned launch in space travel history.
02 сентября 2015
Samsung unveils new smartwatch to challenge Apple Watch Samsung unveiled its latest smartwatch as the South Korean tech giant seeks to challenge Apple's global domination in the fast-growing wearable device market.
01 сентября 2015
People who lack sleep are more likely to catch colds People who do not get enough sleep are four times more likely than their well-rested counterparts to catch a cold.
01 сентября 2015
Pentagon joins Silicon Valley in 'flexible' tech hub The Pentagon is building a tech hub in Silicon Valley to help create new gadgetry for the supersoldiers of the future as well as tech-savvy consumers.
29 августа 2015
Russia launches Proton rocket with British satellite Russia successfully launched a Proton rocket with a British satellite in the first such launch since an engine failure in May resulted in a Mexican satellite being destroyed.
29 августа 2015
Headless human remains discovered in ancient Hun burials in Kazakhstan Archaeologists in Kazakhstan are puzzled over headless remains found in ancient burials of Hun and Sarmat warriors.
27 августа 2015

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