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Orthodox cathedral and Sunday school to be erected in Astana's Left Bank 25 февраля 2013, 18:15

We told about this request to President Nazarbayev and received a positive reply: the Metropolitan of Astana and Kazakhstan.
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An orthodox cathedral and a Sunday school will be built in the Left Bank district of Astana, KazTAG reports citing head of Russian Orthodox Church in Kazakhstan, his Beatitude Alexander, the Metropolitan of Astana and Kazakhstan. "Yes, there is such a need (in construction of an orthodox church in the capital). People are asking for a church to be built at the left bank of our city. We told about this request to the President and received a positive reply," he said at the press-conference. He stressed that the plan is to build a cathedral as well as a Sunday school. "Many people have apply with requests to build an educational facility where our people would get a good knowledge," the Metropolitan said. According to his Beatitude Alexander, Kazakhstan currently has 300 Russian Orthodox cathedrals, including four in Astana. Uspenskiy Cathedral in Astana with its Spiritual Center of the Equal to the Apostles Cyril and Methodius is one of the major orthodox cathedrals in Central Asia.

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