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Kazakhstan's Catholics receive unique golden altar 08 мая 2013, 15:33

The official ceremony of passing the Stars of Kazakhstan Altar to Kazakhstan’s Catholics was held in Czestochowa, Poland.
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Pope Benedict XVI blesses The Star of Kazakhstan altar. Photo courtesy of wordpress.com Pope Benedict XVI blesses The Star of Kazakhstan altar. Photo courtesy of wordpress.com
The official ceremony of passing The Altar -- Stars of Kazakhstan to Kazakhstan’s Catholics was held in Czestochowa, Poland, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports. The alter will arrive in Astana in the beginning of July and will be placed in the Catholic cathedral and later installed in the church of Ozernoe village in North-Kazakhstan oblast, Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry writes. The altar’s location in Kazakhstan was selected in relation to the Catholic legend about a miracle that happened near Ozernoye village in March 1941. In particular, the lake unexpectedly appeared in the area where exile Polacks were desperately praying. A large number of fish in the lake saved the people from starvation. Since then this area is very special to Catholics. Mary, Queen of Peace Shrine is located in the village. “Passing this unique altar to Kazakhstan’s believers, we want us to join in prayer for peace in your country and the whole world,” chairman of Polish episcopate Archbishop Jozef Michalik said. Kazakhstan ambassador Erik Utembayev thanked for the attention to his country. “Such gift for our people is a manifestation of spiritual and cultural closeness of Kazakhstan and Polish people. It will also become a great symbol of mutual respect and cooperation between our countries,” the Kazakhstan diplomat stressed. Star of Kazakhstan is made by with the use of an original technique from high quality metals, including gold and titanium. Along with the traditional Christian symbols – a figure of Jesus Christ and the Cross – it also has an elegant national ornament. The altar was made by Polish master Mariusz Drapikowski as part of a series of 12 altars. First of them has already been installed at the Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem. The rest of them will be located in Catholic holy places around the world. The altar was blessed by the Pope Benedict XVI. After the blessing it was for over 6 months demonstrated in the Catholic churches around Poland and gathered hundreds of believers in every city.

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