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Church for disabled to open in Kostanay 19 ноября 2011, 13:16

A new dome will be installed in an old church in Kostanay and this church will be targeted on disabled people.
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A new dome will be installed in an old church in Kostanay that is located near an operating cathedral of St. Konstantin and Elena. This new church will be specifically servicing disabled people, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing KazTAG. It is planned to instal a wheelchair ramp at a doorstep, so that disabled people who used wheelchairs could easily enter the church. Besides, the church will have textured tactile icons for blind people. Such kind of orthodox churches are popular in Russia and Ukraine, but are rare in our country, official representatives of Kostanay eparchy said. According to the eparchy, internal renovation of the church is being made our of the eparchy's own resources and it is not known yet when this unique church will welcome its first parishioners. Only funeral service are being held in the church at the present time. Kazakhstan authorities plan to spend 100 billion tenge ($680 million) to improve life quality of disabled people in 2012-2018.

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