Transtelecom changes its development strategy - Nurali Aliyev

18 октября 2016, 10:19

It has been half a year since news agencies announced that Nurali Aliyev left public service for business.

Mr.Aliyev gave us an exclusive interview, telling about the business he is developing now and about his future plans.

TENGRINEWS: Mr. Aliyev, what have you been doing after quitting as Deputy Akim of Astana?
Nurali Aliyev:

I have always been interested in developing Kazakhstan’s IT-market and looking for new ways to promote it. For the last few months, I have been studying the business I am now engaged in and opportunities for supporting young IT-specialists of our country. Thus, I and my wife Aida decided to establish “ZHANARTU” Charity Foundation. The foundation will focus on IT development and promotion activities in Kazakhstan, finding and supporting young IT-talents, providing grants to talented IT students and financing Kazakhstani startups.

I am also still taking part in the "Mother’s Home" charity project.

As you may know, I have been taking care of four mother’s houses in Almaty, Karaganda, Uralsk and Kyzylorda for the past few years. I am happy to tell you that over these years these four houses alone have saved more than 400 children from orphanage.

TENGRINEWS: Why does “ZHANARTU” Foundation focus on IT and start-ups development?
Nu. Aliyev:

However, as practice shows, Kazakhstani IT specialists cannot keep up with the rapid development of global technology and innovation trends. That is why I believe now is the right time to develop potential of young IT specialists and direct their skills and talents in the right course.

As for supporting startups, I would say the government is now taking active measures to develop the start-up industry. We also plan to support young innovative startups in Kazakhstan through our Foundation. I think young people have lots of good innovative ideas. Along with that, “ZHANARTU” Foundation will also provide charitable support in other areas.

We are currently considering creating the Foundation’s official website and accounts in social media. We hope for support and feedback from Kazakhstan citizens in our charitable activities.

TENGRINEWS: Mr. Aliyev, in your March interview you said you were leaving the public service for business. Many people are still wondering what particular business field you have decided to devote yourself to.
Nu. Aliyev:

I should say I had been engaged in business long before entering the public service. I gained experience in corporate, financial and banking sectors during eleven years of my business carrier while continuously improving my professional skills.

For example, I established a multi-business company “Capital Holding”, with an investment portfolio covering a wide range of economic sectors. “Capital Holding” has been successfully developing on the domestic market for over 10 years.

Prior to holding the office of Deputy Akim of Astana, I headed “Transtelecom” JSC. This was the time when I got to study IT, communications and innovation deeper in terms of their implementation in the Kazakhstan market.

“Transtelecom” made a great progress at that time, expanding the range of services to implementation of infrastructure IT-projects and consulting in introduction of smart technologies in the regions. The company also established partnerships with well-known foreign companies, such as Huawei Technologies and Hewlett-Packard.

I have always believed that “Transtelecom” is a promising company with a great potential for long-term development. That is why, one of the reasons I left the public service was buying 49% stake in “Transtelecom” JSC as part of the Privatization Program.

TENGRINEWS: What are your plans for further development of Transtelecom?
Nu. Aliyev:

“Transtelecom” is one of the largest telecommunications operators in Kazakhstan, and it should develop in accordance with world’s best practices.

A new development strategy of “Transtelecom” JSC was developed under my guidance, and our core business doing strategy will be changed in accordance with it. The company will focus more on providing a wide range of IT-services to the corporate and public sectors.

Moreover, “Transtelecom” will introduce advanced innovative IT solutions using its own infrastructure.

It is no secret that the global telecommunications sector is currently experiencing great losses, as the number of mobile telephone calls is decreasing, not to mention landline phones, which are almost not used anymore. More and more people are using Internet communication, which is getting cheaper and more accessible. The time when Internet will become free is just around the corner. This is a global trend.

The value of telecommunication companies is their fibre optic infrastructure, and the value of mobile operators is their coverage area. These are a good foundation for development of a variety of services.

Using its current infrastructure to access the users, this sector is growing year by year with multiplier effect.

This was the reason the company management adopted the new strategy, according to which “Transtelecom” will be transformed from a telecommunications operator into an IT operator. We also plan to change the company name and make it more simple and resonant.

“Transtelecom” is a cohesive team of professionals. We will remain an effective and reliable partner for domestic and foreign corporations.

I hope the outcomes that are expected in the company’s new development strategy will make “Transtelecom” even more successful and competitive in the market in the near future.

TENGRINEWS: In conclusion, we would like to ask one more question that we have been wondering. The recent Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook fight in London was sponsored by Capital Holding. Could you please comment on that?
Nu. Aliyev:

I should say the sponsorship of Gennady Golovkin’s last fight in London by Capital Holding was not planned. I would not go into the details, but just a month before the fight Gennady asked me to help out, so I just had to support my good friend.

I think that in each of his fights in the ring, Gennady defends not only his honour and name, but also the name of our country. He encourages people never give up and go toward victory with dignity.

That’s why we can say it was not just a sponsorship, but an investment in our country’s credibility and prestige and in one of Kazakhstan’s most famous brands GGG.

Our strong friendship and business partnership with Gennady is going on.

TENGRINEWS: Thank you for the interview and the best of luck to you!

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