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U.S. reply to Kazakhstan about children at Ranch for Kids 19 июля 2013, 12:50

The U.S. Embassy to Kazakhstan says that there are no Kazakhstan-born children at the Ranch for Kids at present.
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The U.S. embassy in Astana. Tengrinews.kz file photo The U.S. embassy in Astana. Tengrinews.kz file photo
There are no Kazakhstan-born children at the Ranch for Kids, the U.S. Embassy to Kazakhstan says, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press-service of the U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Kazakhstan. “The Ranch for Kids in Eureka, Montana, has confirmed with us that there are no Kazakhstani adopted children at the Ranch,” the message states. The embassy adds that the U.S. government remains committed to ensuring safety and well-being of all children and is always ready to work with their partners to solve issues related to inter-country adoption. “In response to the recent media reports on inter-country adoptions in Kazakhstan, the United States Mission to Kazakhstan would like to make it clear that the U.S. Government has been actively engaged with relevant Kazakhstan government agencies to address the concerns regarding safety and well-being of children adopted from Kazakhstan, and that information in this regard has been provided to the Government of Kazakhstan,” the press-service writes. Earlier Russian Children's Rights Envoy Pavel Astakhov has passed information about Kazakhstan-born children at the Ranch for Kids in the United States to Kazakhstan Justice Minister Berik Imashev. Kazakhstan Education Ministry had filed a request to U.S. authorities inquiring about the children kept at the ranch. No reply was received and Kazakhstan suspended adoption practices with the U.S. until the necessary information would be provided. According to the Ranch’s Executive Director Joice Sterkel, only two children from Kazakhstan lived at the Ranch for Kids in Montana , U.S. and both of them have gone back to their parents. However, according to the information obtained from the Ranch by Russian children's ombudsmen one of the two Kazakhstan adopted kids was discharged to an unspecified psychiatric clinic for unspecified reasons, not to his parents. The Ranch’s representatives provided no further information on the kids however. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan authorities are still waiting for an official reply of the U.S. about the children adopted from Kazakhstan who were or are staying at the Ranch for Kids. “Last July it turned out that 2 of our kids were staying at the ranch. This ranch is similar to our schools for children with deviant behavior. Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry and the Children's Rights Protection commission filed a request, asking for details and explanations, but received no answer. In this relation we are not going to resume adoption practices with the U.S. until we receive a reply from this country in line with the Hague Convention and the international obligations it undertook,” chairwoman of the Commission for Children's Rights Protection of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science Raissa Sher said.

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