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There is no better congratulation for me than new achievements of Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev


Nursultan Nazarbayev. Photo courtesy of personal.akorda.kz. Nursultan Nazarbayev. Photo courtesy of personal.akorda.kz.

Kazakhstan celebrated the Astana Day on July 6, Tengrinews reports.

Kazakhstan celebrated the Astana Day on July 6, Tengrinews reports.

17 years ago, the Supreme Council of Kazakhstan made the decision to move the capital from Almaty to Astana (then called Akmola) on July 6, 1994. July 6 was later made the official Day of Astana in Kazakhstan.

The city of Astana became the capital of Kazakhstan on December 10, 1997. Later, on May 6, 1998 the city was renamed from Akmola to its present name Astana. The international presentation of the new capital was held on June 10, 1998.

Since then, Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev and the country's Government have been working on turning Astana, initially a city of virgin lands, into a new highly developed regional hub. The city has been developing at an amazing pace attracting people from all parts of the country, because Astana, being a major political, administrative, business and cultural center of Kazakhstan, offers excellent opportunities for people. 

July 6 is not only the birthday of Kazakhstan’s capital, but also that of the country's leader – Nursultan Nazarbayev, who turned 75 this year.

This year's official celebration of the Astana Day started on July 4 when the national flag of Kazakhstan was hoisted near Atameken Ethno Park in Astana. Nazarbayev also attended the ceremony.   

More than 70 events in total were held in the city in three days.  

On July 6, the ceremonial reception to mark the Astana Day was held in Astana for Nursultan Nazarbayev, Government members, Kazakhstan’s MPs, representatives of state bodies, diplomatic corps, intellectuals, business, cultural and academic circles.

In his solemn speech, Nazarbayev stressed that Kazakhstan’s capital had a rich and glorious history. "Not only unique buildings make the country’s main city different (from other cities), but also its unique atmosphere. Astana has its own 'gravity', which attracts talents, new projects, financial, intellectual and social capital. More and more people want to live here and build their future. The population of Astana has been growing faster than we expected, and is already approaching one million people. At the same time, the revenues of the city are growing. Today Astana is one of donors of the state budget,” the President of Kazakhstan declared.

Nursultan Nazarbayev also emphasized the positive impact of the capital on the country’s social life and economy. According to him, Astana has evolved into an educational and medicine hub not only for Kazakhstan, but also for the entire Central Asian region.

In addition, the implementation of infrastructure-focused Nurly Zhol program, announced by Nazarbayev during his election campaign in April, is going to bring other regions of Kazakhstan, the 9th largest country in the world, closer to its capital, Nazarbayev said.

According to Nursultan Nazarbayev, the new Silk Road project, a large-scale undertaking initiated by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, which aims to revive the ancient Silk Road that for centuries used to connect China, India and Central Asia to Europe, will make Kazakhstan a central state in the Eurasian space.

Moreover, thanks to the EXPO-2017 to be held in Astana in two years, Kazakhstah will become the regional leader in  technology. The expo will also showcase Kazakhstan’s achievements in the field of alternative energy to the whole world, the Kazakh leader noted.

Nazarbayev also pointed out that creation of the Astana International Financial Center, the initiative put forward by Kazakhstan's President in early May, will determine the course of development not only for Astana city, but also for the whole country.

“Leadership in the region and global competitiveness is the formula to which we will adhere. As we may see, Astana has already been working on implementation of the plan,” Nazarbayev said.

For the Kazakh President, his birthday is not an occasion for celebration, but the day to sum up the results of all work done. “The City Day like a man’s birthday is more an occasion to sum up the results, rather then to celebrate. I have long passed that stage, when anniversaries were personal holidays. All my work and all my life are interlinked with this country. There is no better congratulation for me than new achievements of Kazakhstan, its capital and every region,” Nazarbayev declared.

The Kazakh leader also thanked those present for their contribution in development of Astana. “A new unique Eurasian culture is being formed here. The youth receives a competitive education, new families, which look to the future with confidence, are being built. I am sure that thanks to our unity, hard work and firmness of purpose, we will achieve all the goals we have set," he said.

In the end, Nursultan Nazarbayev congratulated all the Kazakhstanis on the holiday and wished them well-being and prosperity.

The celebration of the Astana Day officially ended with spectacular fireworks shows held in three locations in Astana. 

By Assel Satubaldina

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