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Political analyst in Kazakhstan predicts increased role of Mazhilis after presidential election 28 апреля 2015, 14:00

Political analysts explain high voter turnout in the presidential election in Kazakhstan and predict future developments in the Central Asian country.
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Vyacheslav Abramov and Marat Shibutov ©Tengrinews Vyacheslav Abramov and Marat Shibutov ©Tengrinews

Political scientists explained the high voter turnout in the election of Kazakhstan’s president this year, Tengrinews reports. The Central Election Commission officially announced that voter turnout this year was 95.21%.

According to political scientist Marat Shibutov, the main factor behind the high voter turnout was the general expectation of an economic crisis amid the falling oil prices and disturbing events in the neighboring countries, particularly in Ukraine.

"The events in Kyrgyzstan have always led to intensification of public support to the government here. And with the situation in Ukraine it has become even stronger," Shibutov claimed.

Political scientist Vyacheslav Abramov agreed with Shibutov. However, he also attributed the high voter turnout to other reasons besides fear of economic hardships. "Maybe for some people it was this, but for most people, factors were different. (...) It is not easy to explain why there was such a high turnout, but apparently there was active pre-election work of candidates’ headquarters and election commissions," the analyst said. 

According to Abramov, Nursultan Nazarbayev would focus on the implementation of the five reforms designated in his election campaign. "Work will begin in several dimensions: economic, political, social, and so on. Major changes in different areas await us," Abramov said.

Shibutov also said that it was time for reshuffling and reorganization of the government, as well as other changes.

"First of all we will see the government's resignation. Then new appointments will come and a commission for implementation of the reforms in the framework of Nurly Zhol program will be established. Ministries will be restructured. Agency for Civil Service will be reestablished and a new law on public service will be adopted. Then we will wait for judicial and constitutional reforms. There will be a significant increase in the role of the Mazhilis (the lower chamber of the parliament). In my opinion, it will be given the function of investigation and, perhaps, the accountability of the government will increase," Shibutov said. The changes will begin in the next few months, he added.

Nursultan Nazarbayev gathered 8,833,250 votes or 97.75%, candidate from the Communist Party Turgun Syzdykov ended up with 145,765 votes or 1.61%, and self-nominee Abelgazi Kusainov received 57,718 voted or 0.64%.

Shibutov said that Abelgazy Kusainov and Turgun Syzdykov were not running to actually fight for the presidential post but rather to work with their target audience.

"If you read the programs of the candidates, they worked with their audiences. This saves the resources and sets the stage for the upcoming parliamentary elections," Shibutov said.

Reporting by Vladimir Prokopenko, writing by Dinara Urazova

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