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Nurlan Nigmatulin likely to become Majilis speaker 30 ноября 2011, 11:00

The new Majilis is likely to be headed by Nurlan Nigmatulin.
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Nurlan Nigmatulin. Tengrinews.kz stock photo Nurlan Nigmatulin. Tengrinews.kz stock photo
New Majilis will be headed by Nurlan Nigmatulin, KazTAG reports citing a source in Astana after the meeting of Nur Otan party. “Nurlan Nigmatulin will be offered to head the Majilis. Of course, inclusion of his name into the elections party list is not the sole reason for the statement, but there are several indicators that point at such course of events,” the KazTAG’s source said. “First of all: Nigmatulin showed himself as an excellent head of office during early presidential elections and achieved the expected results. Second: Being Vice Chairman of the party Nigmatulin is heading the pre-election office of Nur Otan. Usually, head of election office is recommended to head the Majilis,” the source stated. “Yerlan Nigmatulin (twin brother of Nurlan Nigmatulin) used to be a member of the Majilis and was appointed Senator by the President right after the Majilis was dissolved. This reshuffle is opening a big door into the Majilis for Nurlan. And there will be no reasons for anyone to say that two brothers are in the same chamber of the Parliament,” the source said.

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