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Nuclear power plant location to be defined by March end: President Nazarbayev 17 января 2014, 16:40

According to him, there may be more than one nuclear power plants.
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©RIA Novosti ©RIA Novosti
In his Address to the Nation today, President Nursultan Nazarbayev elaborated why Kazakhstan needs to construct a nuclear power plant, a Tengrinews journalist reports. “The country’s Government has been commissioned to decide before the end of the Q1 2014 on the location and sources of financing for a 4th oil refinery and a nuclear power plant. There should be a state-run campaign to raise public awareness (…) as the country’s media are poor at explaining things”, President said. He emphasized that the future lies with nuclear power. “To use natural gas is a waste of resources. Instead, the gas could be used to produce high value added products. Kazakhstan is a global supplier of uranium (…) we do have all the capabilities [to develop the nuclear power industry]. Nuclear power is a clean energy we should take advantage of”, Nazarbayev said. “There may be more than one nuclear power plants (…) Their construction is not going to be cheap. Despite potential hazards, more than half of power generated in West Europe comes from nuclear power plants; Japan is not halting its nuclear power industry, either”, he said. In a separate statement, President emphasized that Kazakhstan should work to be self-reliant in the market of petroleum products. Tengrinews.kz reported earlier, citing KazAtomProm’s Press Service, that Kazakhstan retains its title of the uranium production leader as it supplies about 37% of uranium to global markets. The global market’s capacity is estimated at 55 700 tons. The uranium production output in Kazakhstan made up 20 900 tons in 2012. In 2011 the country’s share in global uranium supplies stood at 35%.
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